• GENESIS PRP (15cc)

Genesis PRP

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Therapy is a revolutionary new treatment that aids

in the healing and regeneration of soft tissues.

In essence, it extracts one's blood that includes platelets with their associated growth factors and re-inject these platelets back to treatment areas. Then, the plates and its corresponding growth factors significantly regenerates and restores the injured area. 


Special features of Genesis PRP

  • • Transparent cylindrical kit allows a clear visibility for easier extraction
  • • The curved neck design reduces possible cell loss 
  • • PRP and PPP can be extracted from a single kit by one-time centrifugation
  • High concentration rate of platelets (12-13 times)
  • Does not use a needle when collecting PRP of PPP
  • Can control the volume of Plasma according to the treatment plan
  • Closed system to prevent from air contamination possibility
  • • Always yields the maximum amount of PRP regardless of the operator's skill
  • • Compatible with any swing type centrifuge
  • Competitive price

Effectivenss of Genesis PRP

"One must concentrate the platelets as much as possible to make high-quality PRP"

Ideal PRP should have at least one million platelets per 1μl of PRP, but it's not possible to extract highly concentrated PRP without using a proper PRP kit.

Thanks to Genesis PRP, users can easily extract PRP and obtain highly concentrated platelets to maximize PRP therapy effects.  


* Other PRP kit's platelet concentration rate: 4-6 times 
Genesis PRP's platelet concentration rate: 12-13 times


Application areas of Genesis PRP

Dermatology/Plastic Surgery

- Skin rejuvenation & Scar regeneration
- Skin firming & whitening
- Autologous fat grafting
- Hair loss prevention & treatment

Orthopedics/Rehabilitation medicine

- Pain relief after surgery
- Sports rehabilitation
- Joint healing
- Strengthening ligaments
- Decreases inflammation
- Control chronic pain


- Tooth extraction
Impant & bone graft


Regeneration after LASEK
Xeroma (dry eyes)

Research and Development

Cell separation
Cell regeneration


Maximizes therapeutic action after surgery

Product Specification


CE, ISO 13485, GMP, PCT, KFDA Cleared
Gamma Ray Sterilized

Genesis PRP Kit Size

Diameter (Top) : 3.2 cm

Diameter (Bottom) : 2.8 cm
Height : 11 cm
Weight : 24 g

Buffy controller Size

Diameter (Top) : 1.9 cm
Diameter (Bottom) : 4.0 cm
Height : 8.3 cm
Weight : 71 g


CBC Data Analyzed Result

Users can always yield the maximum amount of PRP regardless of the operator's skill.

Performance of Genesis PRP


Operational Time

5 min

Average recovery rate of platelets (%)


Average WBC count (10³/㎕)


Whole blood platelet count (10³/㎕)


Platelet count after PRP extraction (10³/㎕)


Average concentration



Platelet concentration rate multiplied by almost 13 times!


Genesis PRP Manual

1. Inject 1.5cc of anti-coagulant and 15cc of patient's blood into the kit by using a long needle 2. Place the kit with a counterbalance kit and centrifuge them at 1700G (RCF) for 5 mins in a normal centrifuge, or 3000rpm for 5 mins with UNISTATION 3. Results divided into 3 different layers
4. Replace the bottom cap of the kit with buffy controller's cap and assemble the pusher 5. Turn the bottom of the buffy controller counterclockwise until plasma reaches the top 6. Connect a PPP collecting syringe, and rotate the controller until the RBC layer reaches the "1.0" line on the kit
7. Connect a PRP collecting syringe and rotate the pusher until the RBC layer reaches the top 8. PPP(left) and PRP(right) extraction finished Direct PRP extraction is possible if plasma is not necessary